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Saving the environment & saving money

by John Suddes on 18/03/2018

These days we are all pretty energy efficient trying to do our bit to help the environment and save money at the same time. These two things don’t always go hand in hand, however by installing an insulated garage door to your home you could reduce your energy usage, doing your bit for the environment which in turn will reduce your energy cost and therefore save you money.

When your garage is integral to your home, choosing the right garage door is as important as choosing the right windows or doors, installing a high quality insulated garage door can be a smart investment for both your home and your pocket.

Garages are not only used for parking your car, in fact a lot of garages never have a car parked in them at all, they are used as storage or as a workshop or playroom when space in the home is limited. Basic garage doors can leak and usually carry little or no thermal resistance. A basic garage door combined with the good old British weather can sometimes make your garage an unpleasant place to be and in some cases an unusable space all together, especially during the winter months.

When there is little or no thermal resistance heat will escape from the garage, as well as cold air entering from outside. This cold air can reduce the temperature in your home significantly via the adjoining room / rooms. This means that your home’s heating system is working that little bit harder to maintain a constant temperature, using more energy and costing you more money in the process.

All Henderson Superior 42 and Superior+ 42 sectional garage doors are fully insulated with a 42mm thick foam core. The foam core is stabalised between galvanised steel sheets. The doors are sealed on all four edges with rubber top, bottom and side seals. This gives excellent thermal resistance keeping heat in and cold air out and also eliminates any water penetration into the garage. A Henderson sectional garage door greatly increases the usability of the space and helps to keep the temperature inside your garage much closer to that of your home.

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