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Why choose a Henderson sectional garage door?

by John Suddes on 10/02/2018

Choosing a new garage door can seem complicated; there are so many different types of door available. Up & Over, Canopy or Retractable, Roller Doors, Side Hinged Doors and Sectional Doors.

Not every type of door can be installed in every garage, as all garages are different and all doors require different internal clearances inside the garage. We cannot tell you which door is right for you but we can tell you all of the benefits of a Henderson Sectional Door. There are five main reasons to choose a sectional door and they are as follows.


Both of our sectional doors, the Superior42 and the Superior+42 are built to last. Developed and built in Sweden the doors are designed to withstand the harsh Scandinavian winters. The strength of these doors comes from their 42mm thick insulated foam core. The foam is stabilised between galvanised steel sheets and then finished with a surface treatment. The 42mm thick panels and steel fixing brackets ensure the door is securely anchored in place and provides excellent protection from the outside world. As well as great stability the foam core in the panels also provides optimum heat insulation helping you to save both energy and money.


As well as providing the stability as mentioned above the galvanised steel panels and steel fixings also provide excellent security for the door. All of our doors are supplied with a remote control system, when the door is in the closed position the remote control system acts as a lock and holds the door in place, the door cannot be opened except by using one of the two remote control handsets provided as standard.


Both the Superior42 and the Superior+42 offer excellent safety for you and your family. The door itself offers maximum protection thanks to covered rollers, rail runners and tension springs, meaning yours or your little ones hands are safe from harm even when the door is in operation. The remote control system we provide as standard with all doors also offers safety features of its own, with automatic obstruction detection the motor will sense any obstruction and reverse back up on itself to allow the obstruction to be freed. The system also offers a soft start and adjustable gentle stop function.


Unlike a traditional up & over garage door which swings out at the bottom as it is lifted up, a sectional garage door lifts direct up the face of the garage door opening and into its open position; meaning you can open the door even if your car is parked directly in front of the garage door. This means you can utilize your full drive space which is ideal for those with only a short drive at the front of their home. A sectional door is also ideal for those garages that face a narrow back lane or a busy street where pedestrians or cars could be passing as the door opens, as there is no kick out from the door it can not cause any obstruction, injury or damage on its way up.


As you would expect with a Henderson garage door you are guaranteed a quality product. Henderson is a name that has been associated with quality and endurance in the garage door industry for many years. By choosing a Henderson garage door you can be assured you are choosing the best in the market and also have peace of mind from the 10 year warranty that comes as standard against both the Superior42 and the Superior+42.

I hope this blog goes some way to explaining the benefits of choosing a sectional garage door over a traditional up & over or other type of door on the market, and hope that the quality assurances we provide means you will choose Henderson.

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